MBTL6 is in the bag and a grand time was had by all. The weather cooperated but the rain on days leading up to the gathering prevented us from using the backyard as we've done in previous years. So, we moved the event to the front using the driveway and street to bring in the rolling Muscle for a totally new experience. This ended up drawing many more neighbors and passerby's than in previous years (including kids)...so we got the word out about the car hobby even wider than we planned! When the count was done we had close to 40 cars and over 90 people who enjoyed a fun day talking about, looking at, and admiring the attendee's rides. A special thanks goes out to...

  • Each of the drivers and their guests who made the effort to come out to share our special day
  • Pete, Mark, Steve, Jay and their wives who arrived extra early and did a wonderful job helping out
  • Carey for a lot of pictures - here's a link to download http://albums.phanfare.com/isolated/h9RDY8Ig/1/14357409
  • And our 20 partners who donated hundreds of dollars worth of product for raffle prizes and goodie bags
We hope you consider joining us in the fall of 2017 for Muscle By The Lake 7!
Dan and Lynn Nicewander (and Shelby the Wonder Pup too!)

THANK YOU to our very generous 2016 MBTL6 partners!


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