Welcome to
Muscle By The Lake
An Auto Enthusiast's Fall Gathering on Thole Lake in Shakopee Minnesota

Muscle By The Lake is a gathering on the last Saturday of September that celebrates all things
surrounding the automobile...especially the fact that they're meant to be driven and enjoyed!
MBTL is our way of helping 
preserve the hobby, encouraging young people to get involved in cars,
meeting new friends, and burning some hydrocarbons! Here's what you'll find at a MBTL gathering...

All hobby / unique automobiles are welcome...bring-what-you-love-to-drive-because-it's-yours
Beautiful location with great photo opportunities for you and your ride
Short - only 3 hours or so - so that it doesn't tie you up all day
Commemorative dash plaques, goodie bags, raffle prizes
No pressure ... no voting ... not a judged competition
Family friendly where kids are welcome
Food...LOTS of good food!

See what you missed at our previous gatherings by clicking on the tabs above,
and make plans to join us Saturday September 24th, 2016 at MBTL 6!

Email us at MuscleByTheLake@gmail.com for more information

Look at what Muscle Car Review magazine had to say about
Muscle By The Lake in an editorial!

  Proverbs 3:5-8
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