In the words of our participants, MBTL5 was described as
"fantastic", "awesome", "best yet", and our personal favorite..."best car show food we've ever had!" We love that last one...

We had a great team of helpers, our widest variety of rides, a perfect day in the upper 70's, over 90 people, a record 48 rides which
included over 20 first timers, a few "next gen" drivers, and every child who attended got to take home a pumpkin and Mustang poster!
The surprise of the day came as several folks stopped in because they saw our road signs and wondered about the show.
One went home to get their ride to join us, and a couple more signed up for next year's MBTL.

Our first 5 years have been quite the experience, and we feel blessed that the Lord has allowed us to have a home that's conducive
to host a gathering such as this, the means to make it happen, and family and friends who've supported us through the years.

Special thanks this year goes out to...
Holly and Cory for manning the welcome table, helping with hosting, taking pictures and clean up;
Pete for the road signs from our SW Metro Mustang Club and running the parking;
Chuck and Deb with prep, parking and food;     Jeff for picture contribution;
Lynn for prep, chasing down donations, grilling, and cleanup;
and a very special thanks to each of our friends below who donated goodie bag items, raffle prizes, and consumables

Our MBTL5 Participants

Proverbs 3:5-8 


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