Lots of records were set at MBTL4!
It was 82 degrees and sunny (with October just 4 days away!)...
and the span of our rides represented (wait for it...) 82 years of motoring from 1932 to 2014!
We had 69 attendees come to the gathering and enjoy the beautiful fall day...
who drove 29 different rides...20 of which were first timers at MBTL!
There was more than 10,000 horsepower sitting on the shore of Thole Lake...
and this year was our 1st year holding a free raffle for anyone who drove a ride!

This year there were a lot of firsts, and we made many new friends in the process. Along the way we had our most diverse
 set of rides ever with 12 Mustangs, 2 Roadrunners, 2 Barracudas, and single examples representing BMW, Camaro,
Challenger, Charger, Cobra Comet,
Corvette, Focus ST, Jaguar, Mercedes, Packard, Porsche, and Prowler.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the day special: Lynn for set up and grilling; Amy, Akash and Naveen for contributing to the pictures (and not falling off the roof while filming); Holly and Cory for check-in and directing traffic to get people where they
were supposed to go;
Arby's, Culver's, Jimmy John's, McDonald's, NAPA Auto, Pizza Ranch, and Taco Bell for the raffle items;
and to the
attendees since this is what it's all about...hanging with friends with the common interest of all things automobile! 

See you next year! Dan, Lynn, and Shelby the Wonder Pup

Our illustrious MBTL4 drivers and rides...


Proverbs 3:5-8 


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