What a time we had this year! MBTL3 ended up being a bit different than we originally planned as poor
weather caused the date to move by a week to October 12th, but it was still a resounding success with
17 rides
and almost 40 people.
We had a wide variety of rides including 5 Mustangs, 2 Corvettes, 2 Mercedes, and
single examples of a Challenger, Roadrunner, Camaro, Corvair, Jeep, Porsche, Celica, and a Dodge Power Wagon
The crew that came out had good time as food was in plentiful supply and it was close to 70 degrees
(well...in the heated garage it was close to that...it was actually a bit nippy outside!).

At the end of our time several of us cruised to
Tommy's Malt Shop in Chaska for a fun wrap to our day with
ice cream and even some hot soup for those in the drop top group.

Thanks to everyone who made the day special, especially to Lynn for the grilling, Amy, Leo and Akash for
contributing to the pictures, and Holly, Cory and Dave for directing traffic to get people where they were supposed to go.

We hope you can plan on joining us next fall for MBTL4 in 2014!

This year
we created a limited number of commemorative dash plaques featuring the logo from this year's invitation
(see the tab above) for everyone who brought a ride. We also had made up a small number of MBTL1 and MBTL2 dash
plaques for our Long Haulers - those who have attended all 3 of the MBTL gatherings. Congratulations to:
Holly and Cory     Julie and Steve     Mary and Dave

Our illustrious MBTL3 drivers and rides - sorry Tony...we only got your Jeep for some reason!
The "Most Unique Ride" award has to go to the fully restored Farmall Tractor (the peddle kind...see below).
Jim brought it
on the original MBTL3 gathering date and couldn't return after we rescheduled.

 Proverbs 3:5-8 


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